Facial Skin Care Tips - Health and Beauty

Facial Skin Care Tips - Health and Beauty

Natural health and beauty recipes back to nature

Facial Skin Care Tips. Cosmetic is a material that made to beautify, cure, and change attractive side of a person. Cosmetic user is a tradition from long time ago. Absolutely by using cosmetic, all the impossible can change become possible thing. But, will you always using cosmetic forever.Skin Always Soft and Healthy

We know lemon used to fishy odor remover and used to mix with any kind of food. But actually lemon water has much advantage for beauty and healthy sides. This water can decrease the size of pores and can pursue fatty on oil skin type.

Advantage: Decrease the size of pores. Take lemon; rub it on our skin face. Usually the size of pores on our nose and cheek looks big. To make our skin white and soft, rub some slice of lemon on your face or other area on your body.

However this fruit can bring much advantage for beauty side. Research show that avocado has much vitamin, mineral, and natural oil. Avocado has much vitamin A, C and iron, potassium, niacin, pentatonic acid and also protein that not all fruit have this thing. All of this thing can use for beauty and healthy skin.

Advantage: As a moisturizer, take inside part of avocado that has much humectant, and can make our skin moisturizer, rub it on our skin face and wait for 15 minutes. After that clean it with cold water. Does this step before you sleep in the night because night body is best time for skin work?

Moisturizer skin face can safe make up for long time. Using masker is one of the steps to make our face beauty by using some kinds of vegetable. Masker can stretch and smoothing skin. Teenager skin can use mask from cucumber, tomato, Jícama (Pachyrhizus erosus), potato and carrot.

Can whitening and pursue black spot and pigmentation on skin.

Can smoothing and soft skin face. Do scrubbing once or twice a week, so that dead skin cells can go far. This step can change skin cells become white and faster. Don’t forget to use sun block lotion when you go out from your house in the morning and afternoon. Use body lotion that can make our skin white in the night.Skin Face Care:

Do special scrubbing care for skin face at least once or twice a weeks. Use masker with your own condition. Use sun block lotion in the afternoon and white lotion in the night. But as you know that go away from sunrise because it can make irritation.

Or you can do peeling care. Be careful with this step because it can cause irritation if you are not careful. One more, if you use whitening lotion don’t forget to rub your neck.

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