How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Life Health Advices

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Life  Health Advices

Posted by Prabha on Mar 20, 2012 in Health Tips 0 comments

Are You Suffering With Sleep Deprivation?

It doesn’t matter how regularly you go for an exercise or how healthy food you take if you are suffering from lack of sleep. Sleep plays a very vital role to achieve success in your ultimate performance and also on your weight loss. All your efforts in your valuable life will be in the vein if you don’t have a sound sleep.

What Prevents Us From Attaining A Sufficient Sleep?

According to Goldilocks Principle, Sleep deprivation effects on metabolism controlling hormones, mood, appetite, concentration, memory power, and high blood pressure, increased levels of stress hormones, obesity and heart problems. Lack of sleep is also connected to depression were more researched are still going on. A person who sleeps less than six hours has more chances to face health problems.

Crypto chromes, a protein that is found in every plant and animal is involved in our day to day beats and is found in eyes and skin, which means that our body can identify sunshine, even with our eyes closed. It is also found that more exposure to artificial lights will kill your melatonin production, which makes you skin look darker.

Sleep deprivation that is the chronic shows great effect on glucose metabolism. The responding and secreting ability of insulin decreases nearly about 30 %. Therefore, lack of sleep causes hormonal disturbances. Lack of sleep makes the elevation of stress hormone, which is very problematic. Sleep deprivation also makes lowering the testosterone, muscle loss, high BP, fat storage, etc. All of these are associated with the increased level of cortisol due to lack of sleep.

What To Do For Getting A Satisfactory Sleep?

For better mood, weight reductions, good energy always try to keep your cortisol levels low by finding out the ways to stress reduction. Stress plays an important role in causing sleep deprivation.

Always keep your room dark and maintain the regularity in sleeping time to get an adequate sleep. Avoid taking heavy food and coffees before going to bed.

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